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Sing It First : Wycliffe Gordon's Unique Approach To Trombone Playing / edited by Alan Raph.

Publisher: Kendor Music

This book details Gordon's approach to playing jazz trombone. The main goal is to learn to hear the music before playing it, and to sing the technique before perfecting it. With a foreword, preface and introduction. Music examples and exercises.


Tenor Trombone Handbook / Produced and edited by Kevin Carroll.

Publisher: Intl. Trombone Association

A sourcebook for classical and jazz trombonists both young and experienced. Designed for use with the Buddy Baker Trombone Method. Chapters cover basics of equipment, literature, practicing, blowing, performing, and more. With a preface, music examples and illustrations.


Blåsoktett (2017).

Publisher: Svensk Musik

In one movement. The music begins Allegro and concludes Moderato. Scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. Duration ca. 6 minutes.


Conversations With Roger : For Two Trombones and Electronic Music Accompaniment.

Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

In one movement. With program notes. The music was originally composed for two trombones and two synthesizers. These parts can be played live or from the CD. Printed from manuscript.


Pergolesi's Home Service (1998/2003) : English Version.

Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen
ISBN13: 9788759894026

…With a foreword in English and German. The story concerns a small opera company putting on a production of Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona. Performers include two singers, a mime, trombone, and harpsichord. Duration ca. 90 minutes. Printed from manuscript. This is a set of 4 player's scores.


Deliquesce : For Trombone (2015).

Publisher: Ricordi Germany

In one movement. Commissioned by Mayumi Shimizu. Premiered in Natori, 2016. A complex and challenging work for unaccompanied trombone. The music employs many extended techniques, as well as some unusual notation.


Spoletude I : For Solo Trombone.

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. With program notes. Dedicated to Steven Parker. Premiered in Charleston, SC, June 2006. The trombonist wears ankle bells, and sometimes submerges the bell in water. May be played simultaneously with other Spoletudes by the composer. Of advanced difficulty.


Trombone Quartet.

Publisher: American Composers Alliance


Trombone Octet.

Publisher: Kagarice Brass Editions


Trombone Fundamentals.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795758097

A bilingual book, with texts in both English and German. Discussion and exercises focus on aspects of breathing, embouchure and technique. With a preface and index.


Trombone Concerto.

Publisher: Helicon Music
Series: Pulitzer Prize
, 1993


Trombone Concerto : For Trombone And Piano.

Publisher: Anglo Music Press

This work was originally composed for trombone and orchestra, and was dedicated to trombonist Olaf Ott. The music is in three challenging movements. Includes trombone parts in treble and tenor clefs. With program and biographical notes.


Trombone Intrada : For Trombone Quartet.

Publisher: Cimarron Music

An upbeat and energetic fanfare for four tenor trombones. Of moderate to advanced difficulty.


Trombone (E) : For Solo Trombone (1992).

Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

With brief note by the composer. Dedicated to Thomas Nee.


Trombone Alone : For Trombone (1996).

Publisher: C. F. Peters

Premiered in April 1996 by David Loucky. The two movements, to be played in strict tempo, are titled Arietta, and Variations on a Theme for the 21st Century. With a brief performance note. Duration ca. 6 minutes.


Trombone Insights : For Unaccompanied Trombone.

Publisher: Cimarron Music

A suite of five contrasting movements: Presto; Moderato Espressivo; Allegro Giocoso; Andante Cantabile; and Allegro Energico. Of moderate difficulty.


Trombone Fantasy / Christian Lindberg, Trombone. [CD]

Publisher: Bis

Lindberg performs his own music, as well as works by Yiu-Kwong Chung. With the Taipei Chinese Orchestra.


Bravo! Trombone : For Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

Contents: Curtain Raiser, Wishbone, Fanfare, Fais dodo, Ballyhoo!, Step-'n'-fetch-it, Spanish Air, Parasaurolophus, Johnny Todd, Scaramouch, Minuet, Three Russian Folk Tunes, The Hurdy-Gurdy, Drone on a 'Bone, St. James' Infirmary, Air, The Night Visiting Song, Hampton “Swing”, Mr. John Blunt,…


Trombone Duets No. 2.

Publisher: De Stijl Music

A set of five untitled duets, scored for trombone and bass trombone. Of moderate difficulty. Total duration ca. 8 minutes.

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