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Concertino : For Bass Trombone & Trombone Choir -Ballade For Bass Trombone, Harp & String Orchestra. [CD]

Publisher: Albany Records

David Taylor, bass trombone; Charles Vernon, bass trombone; Stefan Sanders, bass trombone; John Rojak, bass trombone; Jessica Zhou, harp; Trombone Choir, Glen Cortese, conductor; International Sejong Soloists; Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Paul Polivnick, conductor.


Michigan Legends : For Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: Intl. Trombone Association

A collection of 5 solos for the intermediate trombonist: Manitou; Sleeping Bear; Line; Straits of Mackinac; and Poppa. Olson teaches trombone at Michigan State University. With biographical notes.


Great Lakes Octet : For Trombone Choir.

Publisher: Intl. Trombone Association

Commissioned in honor of Curtis Olson by the Michigan State University Trombone Choir. The four movements depict the scenery of the Great Lakes. With program notes.


Music For Trombone and Euphonium. [CD]

Publisher: Stockhausen Verlag

IN FREUNDSCHAFT (IN FRIENDSHIP) for trombone; SIGNALS to INVASION for trombone and electronic music; KINNTANZ (CHINN-DANCE) for euphonium, percussionist, synthesizer player.


Concertante : For Trombone and Organ.

Publisher: Warwick Music

Holst played trombone from childhood to age 30, when he gave up performing to concentrate on composing. This piece for trombone and organ was premiered in 1895 by trombonist John Boyce and Holst's father at organ. With a program note.


Music : For Trombone and Piano (1972-73).

Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

A work for trombone in three untitled movements. Dedicated to Serge Lortie. Of advanced difficulty. Printed from manuscript.


Showdown : For 10-Part Trombone Choir (2009).

Publisher: Brixton Publications

…program and biographical notes. Composed for Nathaniel Brickens, the University of Texas-Austin Trombone Choir, and the 2010 International Trombone Festival. Premiered in Austin, July 2010. The trombones are divided into two groups, and the music depicts a showdown between two groups of cowboys.…


Morning : For Trombone Quartet (2018).

Publisher: Editions Bim

In one movement. With program and biographical notes in English, French, and German. Dedicated to the Szeged Trombone Ensemble. This challenging piece was inspired by a poem of Dániel Varró. Scored for three tenor trombones and one bass trombone. Duration ca. 5 minutes.


Concerto : For Alto Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: Kagarice Brass Editions

Edited and arranged by Randy Kohlenberg. Includes notes and performance suggestions on ornaments. Also includes Alto Trombone part in alto clef.


Ouverture : Works For Trombone Quartet. [CD]

Publisher: Audite Records

The Munich Trombone Quartet performs works by Praetorius, Bach, Boismortier, Rossini, Barber, Debussy, Brahms and Donizetti.


Seven : Trombone and Organ. [CD]

Publisher: Audite Records

Hansjork Fink and Elmar Lehnen play their own music on trombone and great organ.


Quaker Peace Testimony : For Trombone Quartet.

Publisher: De Stijl Music

In one movement. Dedicated to Amala Lane and Mitchell Olson. A version for three trombones and one bass trombone of a work originally composed for choir and orchestra. Of moderate difficulty.


Titanium : For Bass Trombone And Piano.

Publisher: Brassworks4 Publishing

Although the piano accompaniment is always active in this energetic, one- movement piece, the solo trombone alternates between rhythmic motives and long, held tones. Of intermediate to advanced difficulty.


Solstice : For Trombone and Orchestra (2007).

Publisher: Rondure Music Publishing

Commissioned by the Houston Symphony, which premiered the work in January 2008 with trombone soloist Allen Barnhill. This three-movement work is concerned with the resolution of opposites. With program notes. Duration ca. 19 minutes.

$85.00 $76.50

Sonic Mobile : For Trombone Choir (2003).

Publisher: Counterpoint Music

Commissioned by Diana and Allan Lee for their 50th wedding anniversary. Premiered in Edmonton, October 2003 by the Ritchie Trombone Choir. At least eight performers should be used. Duration ca. 7 minutes.


The Nabobs Knuckle : For Trombone Quartet.

Publisher: Ensemble Publications

This short movement for three tenor trombones and one bass trombone features a good deal of close imitation between the parts, and even hocketing. Of moderate to advanced difficulty.


Slide Ride : For Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: C. Alan Publications

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. Originally for trombone and concert band. Composed for trombonist Joshua Hauser and the Tennessee Tech Symphony Band. An energetic and often humorous work. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 6 minutes.


Monolith : For Bass Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: Potenza Music Publishing

In one movement. With program, performance and biographical notes. Commissioned by and dedicated to Jose Leonardo Leon, for the 2013 National Trombone Week festival in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Of moderate difficulty.

$14.95 $13.46

Scenes De Flandres : For Trombone Quartet.

Publisher: Theodore Presser Co.

…Festival de Danse de Geants -- II. Cafe des Orgues -- III. Champs de Bataille, Champs de Paix -- IV. Victoire! (Paris-Roubaix). With a program note. Dedicated to Yves Bauer and the trombone quartet Trombonissimo. For three trombones and bass trombone. Duration ca. 20 minutes. Custom print edition.


Soneria : Pour Trombone Et Piano.

Publisher: Editions Combre

This short piece for trombone and piano includes declamatory, lyric and cadenza-like sections. Of easy to intermediate difficulty. Duration ca. 4 minutes.


San Gabriel : For Trombone Octet.

Publisher: Warwick Music

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. Commissioned by and dedicated to Ray Conklin and the Murray State Slide Advantage Trombone Choir. The music is named for a river that runs through the city of Georgetown, Texas. Of advanced difficulty.


Sonata : For Bass Trombone and Piano.

Publisher: Ensemble Publications

Piano reduction of a three movement piece for bass trombone and strings. The opening Allegro and the following Andante are mostly lyric and melodic, while the closing Vivace provides a real workout.


Plainchant : For Trombone and Low Brass.

Publisher: Balquhidder Music
ISBN13: 9780825839351

22 lyrical etudes based on Gregorian Chant melodies, for solo trombone or other low brass. With a biographical sketch, program and historical notes, and chant source index.


Retracing V : For Solo Trombone (2011).

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
ISBN13: 9781495053481

In one movement. With a biographical note. This short piece is based on the trombone solo from Carter's Double Trio (2011). Of advanced difficulty.

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